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Mike Whitten is principal surveyor for Coastal marine survey. Mr. Whitten spent time in the commercial fishing and salvage industry before joining the U.S. Coast Guard and retiring after 21 years of duty. Mr. Whitten has extensive backgrounds in engineering, deck operations, vessel construction and contract oversite.

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Curriculum Vitae

Wooden Boat Inspection, Paul Haley, Wooden Boat School Brooklin, Maine

Fiberglass Boat Inspection, Paul Coble, Wooden Boat School Brooklin, MaineUSCG

Krautkramer Branson ASNT Level I, Ultrasonic Inspection

Krautkramer Branson ASNT Level II, Ultrasonic Inspection

ABARIS, Ultrasonic Inspexction of Composite Structures

 Passenger Vessel Control Verification School, Miami, Florida

USCG Search and Rescue School

Maritime Auditor/Lead Auditor ISO 9000/1/2, Maritime Management Services, London

US Navy Gas Free Engineering, Treasure Island, Ca.

Diesel/Steam Engine room Automation, SUNY Maritime, NY

US Navy Damage Control Assistant, Navy SWOS, Newport, RI

USCG Engineering Administration, Yorktown, VA

USCG Marine Inspector Training Course, Yorktown, VA

USCG Marine Investigator Course, Yorktown, VA

Shipyard Competent Person Training, NFPA, Yorktown, VA

USCG Hydraulic Systems Course, Yorktown, VA

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, National Fire Academy

Shipboard Firefighting, USCG, US Navy

Maritime Law Enforcement School, Yorktown, VA.

Instructor Training, USCG Petaluma, CA





Underway O.O.D. and Engineering Duty Officer on 270 WMEC and 110 Surface Effect Ships

Emergency Medical Technician

USCG Boarding Officer

Search and Rescue Instructor

Fisheries Training Instructor

Law Enforcement and Boating Safety Instructor

Inspector of; Small Passenger Vessels

                     K Passenger Vessels

                     H Passenger Vessels

                     Foreign Vessels (Freight, Product, Passenger, Gas and High Speed                                                          Passenger Vessels)

                     Liferaft Inspector (Included factory verification and testing of rafts/lifeboats                                                  and davits Harding Safety, Viking and RFD in Europe)

                     Wood Vessels


                     Machinery Inspector

                     Gas Carrier Inspector

                     Drydock Qualification

Duties/Employment History

Responsible for maintenance and repair of;

outboard motors

gasoline inboard engines

gas turbines

high and low speed diesels

air conditioning and refrigeration systems

heating oil burners

steam boilers

water purification and reverse osmosis systems

electrical power generation and distribution systems

fuel systems

hull repairs

navigation systems

shipyard availability contract and inspection oversight of USCG vessels

Shipboard damage control and fire fighting training coordinator.

Oversight and implementation of preventative maintenance systems.

Maintained and conducted drydockings on fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood hulled vessels.

Participated in all areas of ship board employ including cargo operations, fuel transfer, line handling, towing operations, navigation, sailing, firefighting, damage control and rescue operations as participant and supervisor.

Crewman on the tall ship Gazela Primero OPSAIL >79.

1979 to 1993 stationed aboard various ships, shore stations and training commands in the Coast Guard.

1994 to 1995 assigned to Marine Inspection Office New York and received intensive training in marine safety and inspections. This included barges, large and small passenger vessels, major ship conversions in U.S. and European shipyards of US Flag vessels. Inspections in Europe, Africa and the Middle East of US vessels and life saving equipment manufacturers.

1996 to 2000 resident inspector in Bucksport Maine with responsibility for Downeast Maine. This included plan approval and inspection of the first High Speed Foreign Ferry in the US, Incat 046, in Bar Harbor Maine. Foreign shipping inspections, domestic passenger and ferry inspections including 110 small passenger vessels and 5 Ro Ro Ferries. Conducted plan review and construction inspections of wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum vessels. Conducted drydocks providing oversight and plan approval on steel, aluminum and wood vessels requiring extensive repairs.

June of 2000 joined Marine Design and Survey Inc. as a marine surveyor. Primary surveyor for insurance, pre-purchase and C&V surveys of recreational and commercial vessels. Provided insurance claims adjustment and investigations for commercial underwriters.

June of 2001 launched Coastal Marine Survey.


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